Making Memories & Creating Impact

Vacation Station is a risk free fundraising platform that allows your non-profit organization to leverage your donors travel budget for a new source of funding. Plus, your donors will love the amazing destinations and travel packages!

Vacation Station Features

Customized Website

Your Vacation Station is generated in just minutes, and you can easily add your logo, mission, and more to help connect with donors.

Concierge Team

Our in-house team takes care of your donors from the time they purchase all the way through their completed travel.

Expanding Catalogue

When we add new travel packages and experiences to our network, they're automatically added to your Vacation Station.

No Risk or Payment

Your Non-Profit Organization never makes a payment or receives a bill - just the donations from the sale of travel packages.

Hands On Support

Our team provides fast and reliable support to both your organization and your donors. We're dedicated to your success!

Marketing Ideas

We're always adding new ideas, templates, and guides to help you promote your Vacation Station to your donors.

How It Works

Your Vacation Station will be customized to your Non-Profit Organization. You can even upload your logo and describe your mission to help remind visitors of your important impact.


Sign-Up to be a part of the Vacation Station Network and your own ready-to-use Vacation Station website will be created within minutes!


Promote your new Vacation Station to your existing donors, and encourage everyone to spread the word about this awesome opportunity!


10% of every travel package purchased on your Vacation Station is donated to your Non-Profit Organization. More Sales = More Donations!

What's a VSC?

A Vacation Station Certificate (VSC) isn't like booking travel on a retail site. Instead, your donors redeem their certificate when they're ready to plan their travel.

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Check Out A Demo Vacation Station Site

Want to see what a Vacation Station really looks and feels like? Check out our Demo Site and browse around - you can even check out our catalogue of travel packages to see the awesome deals you can provide to your donors!

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