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Getting your Vacation Station site live is super simple - and the first step is to register to be a part of the network. Just fill out the form and you'll be automatically registered and be taken to the site setup page. 


Vacation Station Features

  • 10% of every package sold is donated to your organization.
  • Easy site creation and customization.
  • Monthly distribution of donated funds.
  • In-House Concierge Team to support your donors.
  • Expanding catalogue of exciting travel packages.
  • Hands-on support from our staff.
  • Regularly updated marketing ideas and material.
  • No risk - your organization never pays us anything!


None of the information provided in this form is visible to donors on your Vacation Station site. The information you choose to be visible to your donors will be entered when you generate your site.


Click the image below to visit our Demo Vacation Station to see how your site will look. You can also check out our available travel packages!

New Organization Registration
Must be a registered Non-Profit Organization (also open to schools, school clubs, school athletics, religious institutions, and most other traditionally not-for-profit organizations).
If your organization doesn't have a website you can leave this blank.
A phone number where we can reach you. It will not be visible to donors on your Vacation Station site.
This is the email address for whoever will manage your Vacation Station. It will not be visible to donors on your Vacation Station site.
Create a username for your Organization. Must be one word and cannot contain special characters. Example: abcorg
Share a little information about your organization and your mission.
Your information will be reviewed by our team and you may be contacted to provide additional information as confirmation of your non-profit status. Vacation Station reserves the right to terminate any sites and withhold funds from any organization that cannot prove their non-profit status. If you're unsure of your status, please complete the registration and our team can assist you with determining if you qualify to join the Vacation Station Network.

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