Casa Mimosa, Barcelona


Number of Guests

2 Guests

Length of Stay

2 Nights


Barcelona, Spain


2 nights hotel accommodations

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This lot offers guests a stay at Casa Mimosa, one of the most unique hotels in Barcelona. Organised at an excellent rate, this package for a two night stay is sure to delight and enchant any visitors to the Catalan capital! Casa Mimosa, set in a striking 10th Century modernist building, is located on the same block as the iconic Casa Milà, the last (and arguably finest) design by legendary architect Antoni Gaudí.

This high-end Superior 4* combines the original features and elements of its building with elegant décor, giving the entire hotel a somewhat timeless feel. Of particular note are the spacious and well-designed rooms, the delightful restaurant, and the Lobby Bar – El Til•ler, a gorgeous space with access to a leafy garden and well-kept swimming pool.

Casa Mimosa also boasts the El Cel de Gaudí – a terrace on the upper floor with its own plunge pool, and exceptional views of the Casa Milà below.

Package Attributes

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