Drive a Tank


Number of Guests

1 Adult


Uvalde, Texas


Drive the one of a kind tank course in an Abbot Tracked Gun.

Shoot M60E4 Machine Gun (40 Rounds)

Experience for 1

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This experience includes a Tank and Machine Gun Sampler Experience for one in Uvalde, Texas! Drive the Abbot Tracked Gun on the one of a kind tank course, and shoot the M604E Machine Gun (40 Rounds). The Abbot Tracked Gun is properly referred to as self-propelled gun (SPG) rather than a tank, the British Abbot gave its crew high mobility and protection. Our version is modeled after the US M109 SPG in honor of our Vietnam artillery veterans. The PKM Machine Gun is a Soviet era machine gun that has proven itself reliable in most all extreme conditions. With its high rate of fire and heavy round, this weapon packs quite a punch

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