Stripe Setup Complete

Your Stripe Connect account has been setup. Your organization is now ready to receive donations from your Vacation Station sales. Please consider printing this page for your reference on how donations are transferred.

What happens next?

Donation Transfers are sent out on the first Monday of each month. If the first Monday of the month falls on a National Holiday, the process will be delayed until the next business day. Your total sales are calculated and 10% of the gross amount is transferred to the Stripe Connect Account you just completed. If you didn't change any Stripe settings, then your donations will be transferred into the bank account you provided during setup, usually 3 business days after we transfer funds to you.

You can check your sales at anytime through your Sales Dashboard. To access your Sales Dashboard, visit (replace yourdomain with your Vacation Station domain).

Reference List

  • Monthly Transfer of Donated Funds via Stripe Connect
  • Transfers performed first Monday of each month
  • 10% of gross sales from the previous month transferred as donated funds
  • Funds transferred automatically to your organization bank account 3 business days after you receive the funds
  • Sales Dashboard available anytime through your Admin Dashboard or by visiting directly


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