Vacation Station Certificate

How does a VSC work?

A VSC isn't like traditional travel booking - your donor can choose to redeem their certificate when they're ready to start planning their trip. They can even transfer their certificate to friends and family as a gift!

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Perfect for Flexible Travel

Each certificate includes a one-time-use Redemption Code that your donor can use when they're ready to start planning their trip.

Easy to Use

Your donor simply clicks the link provided in the VSC, or visits your Vacation Station site and goes to the code redemption page.


A VSC can be sent to a friend, family, or client to be redeemed. They make great gifts and are easy to share!

What happens after redemption?

After your donor submits their Redemption Code their information is sent to our in-house Concierge Team, who then reach out to the donor by phone and email to start planning their travel. Our Concierge Team can answer their questions, help select the best dates to travel, and offer guidance on activities and amenities.

What does a certificate look like?

Click the button to download a sample Vacation Station Certificate (VSC) to get a feel for what your donors will receive after they make their purchase.

The demo certificate is not usable and has no value.

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